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Abramovic, Marina -  The Cleaner
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Abramovic, Marina - The Cleaner

Tapa blanda, 100 páginas, 22.2 x 3 x 28.2 cm.

Hatje Cantz

"At once radical, controversial and revered, Marina Abramovic is one of the most discussed artists today. Famous for her groundbreaking performance works, she continues to expand the boundaries of art. This publication, accompanying her first major retrospective in Europe, gives an extensive overview of her work from the earliest years until today: film, photography, paintings and objects, installations and archival material.
Since the early 1970s Abramovic has explored the intersection between performing and visual art in her work and, though rarely overtly political, posed questions of power and hierarchy. In addressing fundamental issues of our existence and seeking the core of such notions as loss, memory, pain endurance and trust, she both provokes and moves."