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Flora: An artistic Voyage
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Flora: An artistic Voyage

Tapa dura, 224 páginas, 35.8 x 4 x 27.8 cm.

Natural History Museum

This beautiful box set is an enchanting voyage of discovery into the history of plants and flowers by the internationally acclaimed botanist Sandra Knapp. Her 20 insightful essays profile key plants and demonstrate how they have affected our lives, even shaping societies, throughout history. The species covered include cacti, daffodils, irises, magnolias, poppies, roses, tulips and waterlilies. Knapp s essays are stunningly illustrated throughout with the work of all the great botanical artists, carefully selected from the peerless collections of the Natural History Museum, London. Her book is accompanied by 36 stunning frameable prints (333 x 260mm), pictured below, which have been reproduced directly from the original artworks and books held by the Museum.