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Hinterland, The: Cabins, Love Shacks and Other Hide-Outs
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Hinterland, The: Cabins, Love Shacks and Other Hide-Outs

Tapa dura, 256 páginas, 24.6 x 30.5 cm.


The cabin has become our third place, our hideaway where we can recharge our spirits and reconnect with ourselves, away from the restraints of society and the stress of the everyday. This book presents the best new cabin architecture and design. We all need to be somewhere else, just for a little while. The cabin is that somewhere else. They allow us to get into a different state of mind, one where we can just have a good time. Four walls and a roof and a weekend these getaways free us from the distracting and unessential, and put us back in touch with nature and our own inner peace. In cabins, we can savor solitude or share experiences with friends among mountains, rivers, woods, and wildlife. The Hinterland explores architecture and design approaches to creating the refuges that refresh and revitalize amidst the beauty of nature.