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Typeface - Classic Typography for Contemporary Design
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Typeface - Classic Typography for Contemporary Design

Tapa blanda, 256 páginas, 26 x 2.2 x 22.9 cm.

Princeton Architectural Press

"Typeface is a unique source book of 60 classic typographical designs. Among the best features of the book is quick comparison between like designs. Offering solutions, alternatives, and even technical specifications." --Curated Magazine, June 10, 2009

"The concept is simple: Tamye and her crew made small showcases for 46 classic fonts. Each presentation includes background information, along with examples of contemporary designs that utilize each face.This book has a few key features. First, it gives a handy, full-size reference for fonts that are used on a regular basis. Second, we get to see the fonts in a wide range of uses and weights (and the examples are stellar). Third, in limiting this book to 46 well-known fonts, it really makes a case for why (and how) some fonts are classic." --Ejnord

"From Princeton Architectural Press, Typeface is a unique sourcebook featuring sixty classic typefaces that continue to resonate with today's most influential graphic designers. The book is organized using typographic classifications such as sans serif, serif, display, script, and dingbats. Each typeface is presented in detail, including its origin, main characteristics, and uses." --TYPEMEDIA.COM

"People see and interact with typefaces every day: a printed book, a computer screen, a kiosk design, a box of cereal. But they rarely recognize the typeface or realize how much thought and time has gone into the design and selection process. Type designers who do this work use many tools to make their selections. The proliferation of computer-designed typefaces, however, has made thier choices overwhelming." --Choice Magazine"