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Extreme Nature: The Weirdest Animals and Plants on the Planet
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Extreme Nature: The Weirdest Animals and Plants on the Planet

Tapa blanda, 320 páginas, 18.8 x 2.8 x 20.8 cm.

Harper Perenial

"Extreme Nature is about some of the most intriguing, supernatural, out of the ordinary and extreme plants and animals on the planet. A fish that can change sex, a frog that gives birth through its mouth and a flower that smells so bad it makes people faint in the motley collection of weird and wonderful creatures included in the book.


Extreme Nature was written with the invaluable help of over 150 scientists working in all corners of the globe. With their generous assistance, in just a few sentences it's been possible to summarise some of the highlights of many years, sometimes decades of research. Thanks to them, if you've ever wondered which animal has the best colour vision, if a millipede really does have a thousand legs, how fast a falcon can swoop, or which is the world's most dangerous snake, this is the place to look.

Any such study of extreme nature is inevitably full of surprises and when it comes to superlatives there is always another record-breaker just round the corner. But while there is little doubt that few of the records we've included are the absolutes, in one way or another all animals and plants have something exceptional about them that deserves our attention.

Ultimately, the aim of the book is simply to revel in these other-worldly creatures and their outlandish behaviour. We hope you enjoy being wowed by some of their exploits. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title."