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Mighty Optical Illusions: More Than 200 Images to Fascinate, Con
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Mighty Optical Illusions: More Than 200 Images to Fascinate, Con

Tapa blanda, 224 páginas, 25.1 x 2 x 25.1 cm.

Sky Pony Press

A collection of some of the craziest, mind-bending, and entertaining images on the web. Women with four arms, children who walk on water, pigeons the size of ten-story buildings--though we know these things aren't possible in the real world, a quick glimpse at the right photograph may temporary convince you otherwise. Steven Estep, one of the brains behind the popular visual illusion website,, understands how these eye tricks work better than most. In Mighty Optical Illusions, Estep presents more than two hundred photographs, drawings, sculptures, and paintings that may make you scratch your head, squint your eyes, and doubt yourself. These images are known as optical illusions--items that deceive the eye by appearing to be other than they really are. The illusions in this collection include 3-D chalk drawings, billboards, body paintings, color adaptations, murals, sculptures, stereograms, sketches, and designs by some of the most progressive and well-known illusionists in the industry, including: Andreas Aronsson Frankynata Tedjosantoso Jennifer Townley Josh Stacy Leon Keer Mark Grenier Mark Talbot Richard Contreras Tabi Ferguson Terence Rosoman And more! Optical illusions--whether they are scary, dizzying, confusing, or tricky--can provide hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family.