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New end of Letterpress Printing, A
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New end of Letterpress Printing, A

Tapa blanda, 192 páginas, 21 x 1.7 x 15.3 cm.
PIE Books

This book follows PIE s former bestseller title: Letterpress: Select Designers from San Francisco and New York to capture the new trend. Letterpress printing still attracts edgy designers and artists for its retro-flavored design. Not only in San Francisco and New York but also other cities now boast more shops and factories with a new twist on contemporary designs. After four years absence, this new version welcomes London and Tokyo as the new epicenter of trend. This title introduces more than 30 shops from throughout the U.S.A, 4 from London and 6 from Tokyo, showcasing various examples of Greeting Cards, Package Designs, Flyers etc.