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Sweet and Nostalgic Paper Craft, A
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Sweet and Nostalgic Paper Craft, A

Tapa blanda, 160 páginas, 29.9 x 1.2 x 21.4 cm.
PIE Books

"In the vein of previously published PIE titles Modern Patterns of Japan and Sweet and Nostalgic Designs in Japan, this book includes 77 removable papers designed by Yonagadou, an established Japanese designer known for sweet, nostalgia-oriented patterns. All removable papers are double-faced specially designed for crafting and writing. PIE's Sweet and Nostalgic Paper Craft also includes some examples of cute paper crafts.


Some pattern designs are selected by Yonagadou s past works which were introduced in Modern Patterns of Japan, while others have been designed specially for this book inspired by Japanese classic tile designs and antique wrapping papers.

This is a ideal book for craft lovers and terrific gift for those who are always seeking something new. Graphic designers and textile designers will find inspiration the patterns in this book."