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Alpines From Mountain To Garden
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Alpines From Mountain To Garden

Tapa dura, 260 páginas, 19.7 x 2.3 x 26.7 cm.

Royal Botanic Gardens

There are many different ways to grow an alpine plant and much depends on the habitat and climate of a particular species' natural home. Alpines, from Mountain to Garden gives a refreshing new perspective on these irresistible mountain dwellers by looking at their discovery and introduction into cultivation, the regions of the world they come from and how this should be taken into account when planting them in your garden. Over 300 plants are described and beautifully illustrated. The most significant alpine floras are covered - North America, South America, Japan, China and the Himalayas, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and Africa. Each chapter considers what plants grow in each region, from high altitudes in lowland conditions, to drainage, climate, light levels, temperature and precipitation. The introductory chapters include growing, conservation and the impact of indiscriminate collecting on many species now on the verge of extinction.