Pop PsychedelicDisposable: A History of Skateboard Art

Talk about Street art
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Talk about Street art

Tapa dura, 256 páginas, 19.3 x 1.6 x 23 cm.

Graffiti and street art have long been part of our visual culture, from their origins in ancestral caves to New York Citys subway walls. This book covers all aspects of an art form that is often underappreciated, ephemeral, and illegal. The diverse media and techniques employed are ever-evolving, and include graffiti, stencils, tags and lettering, interventions, urban sculptures, collage, distortions, and even new multimedia. The artists engagement and state of mind are important components of street art; the book covers topics such as anonymity, the art forms dangerous nature, codes of conduct, and ideological engagement, as well as the interface of street art with contemporary art, pop surrealism, toy art, and music and sport. Street art is found on every continent, and the book brings into focus each country and its own modes of expression and specificities. Portraits of 30 key artists, a glossary, and an address book of important venues for viewing street art around the world complete the book.