A10 (Revista)
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A10 (Revista)

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A10 is a new architecture magazine with a European focus. Six times a year it presents the latest architecture on the ancient continent. A10 has deliberately rejected a superficial coverage of the entire world in favour of detailed coverage of one continent. Every two months a network of correspondents will report on what is happening in their part of Europe, what is being designed and what is being built, from Bergen to Bucharest, from Tarifa to Tallinn. Without prejudice and without confining themselves to the small coterie of big names who already attract so much media attention. The internationalization that is occurring all over Europe is to a large extent a process of Europeanization. Studying, working and building in other European countries and alongside fellow-Europeans is steadily becoming normal practice. These and other forms of interchange serve to highlight the similarities and differences between European citizens, cities, regions and countries. A10 is keen to contribute to this interchange with a magazine that monitors and promotes the many facets of this vibrant architectural culture.