American Cinematographer (Revista)
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American Cinematographer (Revista)

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Whether you are a technical guru or someone who's emphasis is on the words, any serious filmmaker who takes his or her craft seriously will love American Cinematographer. The official magazine of the American Society of Cinematographers, this magazine gives you in depth interviews with DPs and Directors on the technical approach towards the shooting of the picture. They cover not just lab soups and lighting techniques, but also the approach to the script, design notes on how to visually approach the script - in other words, a great detailed overview of how this particular crew of filmmakers went about creating the visual language of the film. And not just film - as technology advances, and more films are shot on video, this magazine gives the same great coverage to those pictures as well - from Star Wars to Anniversary Party. While it's true that there are only so many films that AC can cover each issue but I think you'll end up feeling like I do - that I wish they could cover them all!