DASH (Revista)
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DASH (Revista)

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DASH stands for Delft Architectural Studies on Housing Design. It is a new international and interdisciplinary biannual wholly devoted to housing construction. In the Netherlands, housing design is still one of the most large-scale and important tasks for architects. The worldwide renown of the Dutch tradition of housing design stands in stark contrast to current practices in housing construction, which is increasingly limited to a repetition of existing solutions. Many topical questions with regard to issues such as densification, privacy and mobility remain unanswered. The new DASH biannual aims to rediscover the riches of housing design. By investigating and drawing up an inventory of new housing types, DASH also wishes to inject housing design with a new élan. Themes to be addressed include the interrelationship of public, collective and private space both in the city and within the built structure, the importance of appearance and space in the design, and the formulation of ideas about (housing) design over the last 50 years. Each edition of DASH is devoted to a fundamental theme in contemporary housing development, with an introductory essay by the editor or guest editor responsible, followed by extensive, uniformly presented plan documentation of relevant projects from the present as well as the past. Four to six articles about specific aspects of the theme in which historical hindsight and critical reflection on current development practices are key, and a bibliography that adds an interdisciplinary dimension to the specific theme. DASH aims to make an international contribution to housing design from a Dutch perspective.