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Tapa dura, 323 páginas, 25.6 x 30.8 cm.



Colour currently plays an increasingly significant role in global visual communication. More than ever, colour is being deliberately utilized to give design projects, campaigns and brands their own distinctive style. Astonishingly until now hardly any publications exist that investigate today’s evolving perception and application of colour.Colour, more specifically colour temperature, is measured in a unit called the Kelvin. The book Kelvin identifies which possibilities exist for the conscious use of colour. Each chapter relates to a colour: green, red, blue, yellow and orange as well as the achromatic “colours” black and white.This comprehensive book contains recent, top quality design as well as exciting projects from photography, illustration and product design that work with colour in remarkable ways. In addition to images of clear and distinctive colour allocation, Kelvin also includes more intricate and playful examples that illustrate contemporary colour combinations. This structure ensures that the reader is introduced to the subject of colour in an instructive but also in an associative and experimental manner.Each chapter in Kelvin starts with an essay or interview that puts the selected works in that section into context. The book also investigates complex subject areas such as classic colour theory, the meaning of colour in various cultures and the effect of colour in brand management.With its current examples of striking creative work and insightful analysis Kelvin offers both usability and inspiration for professionals such as graphic designers and design studios but also anyone working in the fields of fashion, interior design, lifestyle and art.